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Professional Help with your Genealogy Research

We connect people with their family history through our professional research service.
Our lead genealogist, Hilda McGauley MAPGI, has been working to this end since 1998.

Hilda is a member of Accredited Genealogists Ireland, the regulating and accrediting body for professional Irish genealogists [more about us]   How we work + Fees >

Free Advice + Estimates                     

Please feel free to submit a query. We will let you know if and how we can help you and provide a cost quote for potential research without obligation >                                                  

Record Searches   

We can perform searches for specific records using original sources in Ireland. Fees start from EURO 60. [More information]  Arrange a Search >

Family Research   

We can work with you on research of your family history, whether focusing on one aspect or taking a broad approach. [Details on the process and fees]

Feature of the Month

Our current series explores townland-level information from a small sample of historic sources. This month's feature is Rathpoleen, Co. Kilkenny.

Notes from the Past 

19 November 1860 - News of an intriguing legal case relating to a charge of bigamy - the Chief Justice reportedly would have been "very glad if he had been able to work out a flaw in the conviction" [read on]

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