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Birth Record



Civil Records (Birth): Introduced to Ireland in 1864 they cover the entire country 

Church Records
(Baptism): Were kept on a parish-by-parish basis. There is much variation with regard to start-dates of registers and survival of material at the local level. Many pre-date 1864 making them a very important substitute source for the period prior to civil registration.

Fee Information

The fee for a search for a civil record of birth is EURO 60 (to include a search period of up to five years).

The fee for searching Church records will depend on the method - we will need to discuss that prior to the search. Please contact us with the details.

Additional Information

Civil Records: We can search for a civil record of birth in the Index of Births at the GRO in Dublin. A civil record of birth provides the following details on the child:

1. Their date and place of birth

2. The name of their father, his address and occupation

3. The name of the their mother, including her pre-marriage surname

4. The name and address of the person who informed the authorities of the birth and (in some cases) their relationship to the child.

Church records of baptism list the date of baptism (and sometime also date of birth), the child's name, parents' names and sometimes the family address. The records also generally list the names of the child's sponsors (godparents). 

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