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If your ancestor was born before 1864 or was married in a Roman Catholic Church before 1864 or in a Protestant Church before 1845, it will be necessary to search Church records to obtain more information as the civil registration system did not cover such events in the periods in question.

To search Church records a location within Ireland is needed as there is no centralised Index for Irish Church records. If you have the name of a parish of origin it will greatly assist with your research. We can help by searching the parish register in microfilm form at the National Library of Ireland (Roman Catholic registers) or the original registers held at the Representative Church Body Library in the case of Church of Ireland events.

If you do not know the name of your ancestor’s parish of origin database sources provide a good means toward tracing events relating to your ancestors. There are many database sources, online and in other published forms, which provide references to large number of Church events from Ireland. We can search a wide range of these sources for events relating to your ancestors in an effort to pinpoint the parish of origin in Ireland and thus allow for more in-depth research of the family. For more information, or to order a search you can contact us by clicking here.

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