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THE SCOPE for research of your Irish ancestors will depend on a number of factors including:

How far back in time the start point is – generally the further back in time we go the smaller the pool of sources is likely to become. For example the civil registration system for births, deaths and Roman Catholic marriages was only introduced to Ireland in 1864 and so Church records assume greater importance in the earlier period.Where the family resided – sources can differ greatly even at a local level. Church registers for example were kept on a parish-by-parish basis with wide variation in start dates.The circumstances of the family – unsurprisingly the record trail tends to go further in the case of wealthy families with significant property holding. Tenant farming families and artisan townspeople may appear in surveys of property occupation and Estate management. Labouring families are less likely to appear in such sources.

The challenge is to piece together the family history using the available sources - sometimes the breakthrough can come through an unexpected route. We are happy to help at any stage of the process whether with a large project or a small one. The results of all of our work are set out in narrative Reports to go with copies and transcripts of the records found in the search.


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